What is bye RSI?

A brief history


My name’s Sandip Sekhon and I’m the founder of bye RSI – the repetitive strain injury treatment & repair massage oil. By profession I’m an Internet entrepreneur having built a number of successful online businesses.


RSI TreatmentBut the success came at a cost. As with most intense computer based jobs, it meant many hours in front of the computer, tablet or smartphone cranking away. Despite being a healthy 29 year old, things were about to take a turn for the worst.


What happened?

After 4 years of working almost 7 days a week, RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) symptoms started to appear. I didn’t know what RSI was at this point, and as a keen martial artist and gym enthusiast, I assumed that the pain in my forearms was the result of over-training. Boy was I wrong.


I worked through the pain, often icing my arms at the same time that I was working. Fast forward 4 months and I was in so much pain that I couldn’t drive or pick up my kids. This was someone who 6 months ago was bench pressing personal bests.


What did you do?

Fast forward another 2 years and after countless massages, specialist treatments, arm massagers, supplements, two ulnar nerve transposition surgeries and more, the only thing that consistently alleviated the pain was a unique mix of natural mineral and vegetable oils that I would massage into my forearms twice a day.


I formulated this through extensive research into what minerals boost recovery, circulation, the nervous system and alleviate inflammation, muscle tightness and more. But the most powerful indicator is that it helped me and has helped others. Doctors still don’t have the perfect cure for RSI (other than stopping the aggravating activity completely, forever!) and this is where nature helps out.


Tell us more!

The more detailed history into my symptoms and treatment can be found lower down this page. I recommend you read it so that you can combine bye RSI with other recovery methods that worked for me.


Where can we buy this?

You can buy bye RSI (what a tongue twister!) on our site and depending on available stock, via eBay and Amazon.


However, before you buy I highly recommend you continue to read this page to understand what bye RSI is and what it isn’t so that you can set your expectations and maximize your chances of recovery.

What bye RSI is and isn't

Is a Natural Recovery Aid

bye RSI is a powerful tool in your battle against RSI, designed to help alleviate/repair pain & damage

Isn’t a Medicine

bye RSI is comprised of natural ingredients. No paracetamol or other painkillers.

Isn’t a Magic Cure

bye RSI should be used in conjunction with other treatments I recommend, or as advised by your doctor

A Deeper History & Treatments

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Thankfully I am now able to work again for fairly long periods of time. I have also been able to resume my martial arts and weight training programs.

However, as my RSI was severe I still get occasional pains if I’ve had an exceptionally strenuous day.

In addition to bye RSI, if I  feel pain coming on, I take a break and massage bye RSI into my forearms for some extra relief.

If you’re at the stage where you get pain within a few minutes of the activity that caused the injury (e.g. typing) you’ll need to take more aggressive remedial action.

Here’s what helped me bring the pain down to manageable levels:

  • Rest. There is no shortcut for this. Your muscles & nerves are being overused – they cant recover fast enough to keep up with whatever activity is aggravating the injury so you simply need to rest the affected area.
  • Hot and cold treatment. I would fill up one bucket with hot water and another with very cold water. Then submerge my arms for a few minutes at each time or whatever is bearable (be sure to not burn yourself!)
  • Massage. Although this can be costly, you should visit an injury massage therapist, osteopath or someone in a similar role so they can make a professional assessment based on your body.
  • Stretching. A quick YouTube search of RSI stretches will deliver many great results – I incorporate forearm stretches into my daily routine.
  • Exercise. Some people have alleviated RSI by adding a weight training or other exercise program into their routine. I would recommend this but stop if you feel that you’re directly aggravating the site of the injury.
  • Workplace modification. My keyboard and mouse look like they’re from a science fiction film. Get a workplace assessment and lookup RSI friendly keyboards & mice.
  • Use voice commands. When my RSI was at its worst, I would only use Siri voice commands on my iPhone. I still have that habit and I guess the less typing the better.

The biggest mistake I made was working through the RSI pains. Every click of the mouse set me back on my recovery. You need to remember that there is no substitute for rest.

The other mistake I made was not being consistent in my treatment. For those suffering from severe RSI, this would be the ideal treatment and would have enabled me to get better in weeks, not years:

  • Discontinue computer and phone use
  • Massage bye RSI into the affected areas at least twice a day (if only it had been invented then!)
  • Perform forearm stretches 3 times a day
  • Hot and cold treatment 2 times a day (described in additional treatments tab)
  • Go to the gym for gentle upper body work, more strenuous lower body work, cardio, and sauna/steam (the heat is great)

I first doctor I visited offered some basic and some bad advice.

In addition to advising me to rest, he mentioned that other options would be to have cortisol injections and possibly surgery. He also recommended that I take 6 ibuprofen tablets a day for two months(!).

Being a little cautious of medications, I took 4 tables around 4 times a week – for 6 weeks. However, the frequency of this led to a bleed in my stomach. Thankfully no complications as it was caught early but if you’re advised to take anti-inflammatory drugs, do so with caution.

Some time later I visited a hand specialist & surgeon. He performed a number of tests (nerve conduction study and ultrasound) and it was concluded that there was a blockage at my elbow which was causing my pains.

He recommended a bilateral sub-muscular ulnar nerve transposition surgery to cure my RSI. Essentially, moving the nerve that runs along the elbow groove to under the muscle in your forearm so nerve signals flow better.

I was hesitant at first as this is an invasive procedure and ulnar nerve transpositions are normally reserved for those that have pain residing in their pinky and ring finger.

The doctor emphasized the test results and I decided to have the operation. I was forced to completely rest for 4 weeks – minimal typing and arm use which wasn’t too difficult as you can’t really straighten your arms for 6 weeks anyway.

But just as I got back to intense typing, the pain returned. Not as bad as it was originally (I believe because of the post-surgery rest) but it was there.

This is where my new approach saved me (bye RSI massages, rest upon feeling ANY pain, stretching).

Some of you may also be advised to have carpal tunnel release surgery if doctors feel the blockage is at the wrist as opposed to the elbows. I would advise caution against any surgical procedures.


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What is bye RSI made from?

bye RSI is created with a unique combination of Rapeseed Oil, Petroleum Jelly, Lemongrass Oil & Peppermint Oil


What about allergies?

It’s very rare for someone to be allergic to our ingredients (above). However, we recommend you try it first on a small area of skin.


What consistency does it have?

In normal room temperature, it has a similar consistency to butter. We think it’s the perfect consistency for massage.


Does it smell?

bye RSI has a very mild peppermint smell – it’s rarely noticeable.


Who can use it?

Beyond those with RSI, this product is beneficial to anyone who wishes to improve their recovery and muscle / joint / tendon function.

For example, athletes, martial artists and the elderly.

You should use wherever massage is beneficial.

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